Éclairs of soft and crispy dough, with juicy fillings and delicious icings.


All special dates deserve an extraordinary cake. Order yours now!


Our Berliners are just... wonderful! Choose your favourite filling.

Immediate Order

The orders to immediate delivery must be made through Glovo or Uber Eats platforms. Download the app to your cell and order to receive our products on that same day.

Order and pickup in store

Order by 3pm and pick up the next day at the available stores or pick up at your home (in the oPorto district). Choose the products you want from the selection available on this website.
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Encomendas feitas até às 15h podem ser levantadas no dia seguinte, das 13h às 17h, ou entregues ao domicílio na zona do Porto, Gaia, Maia e Matosinhos.

All orders placed before 3pm can be picked up the next day, from 10am to 5pm, or delivered at your chosen address in oPorto, Gaia, Maia and Matosinhos.