Oeiras Parque

A large kiosk and terrace in the centre of the second floor of this Shopping Centre, where you can enjoy the beverage specialties and the famous éclairs with all the comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the Food Court but very close to the cinemas.

Centro Comercial Oeiras Parque, piso 2, Av.António Bernardo Cabral de Macedo
2770-219 Oeiras

Phone. (+351 ) 211 515 162


Leitaria da Quinta do Paço shops operate on a franchise basis. The next shop can be yours!
Write to us and tell us your idea.

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Encomendas feitas até às 15h podem ser levantadas no dia seguinte, das 10 às 17h, ou entregues ao domicílio na zona do Porto, Gaia, Maia e Matosinhos.

All orders placed before 3pm can be picked up the next day, from 10am to 5pm, or delivered at your chosen address in oPorto, Gaia, Maia and Matosinhos.